Australian Alternative Credit Management


Our Investment Process

At Narrow Road Capital we believe the credit markets reward three key variables: perceived risk, perceived complexity and actual illiquidity.

We therefore specialise in rigorously and systematically understanding securities that others may see as high risk and complex, using our proprietary systems and processes to differentiate between the actual and perceived risk.

We also specialise in valuing and trading illiquid securities and we actively seek out opportunities where there is limited competition to purchase poorly understood securities.

We are a relative value manager who invests in securities where we have the expertise to fully understand and take advantage of mispricing, whether that be through a long or short position.

Whilst we typically limit our investment universe to Australian credit or credit related securities, we do not limit our investment universe by sectors, parts of the capital structure or credit ratings.

As long term investors in the Australian credit markets we have developed an unparalleled network of traditional and non-traditional contacts for sourcing alpha generating investments for our clients.

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